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Eddie Abbew's Olympian Gym

Welcome to Eddie Abbew’s Gym. You only have to google Eddie Abbew to learn that not only was he once the British number one bodybuilder, but has also competed in the Mr Olympia contest. What’s more, has stood next to the likes of Kai Green, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Flex Wheeler, Roelly Winklar and many more.

Not only has Eddie created hundreds of bodybuilding champions across all federations, he was also responsible for coaching Jodie Marsh in her competition win in the US. You can watch the program, Brawn In The USA on YouTube.
“Just call me Mr Old School. We are an old school bodybuilding gym, using the bodybuilding mindset and lifestyle to change the lives of your average Joe.” says Eddie. Olympian gym is not just your average gym, undoubtedly it’s an Inclusive community that caters for everyone from all walks of life.

Meet Eddie abbew

Olympian Gym was developed by none other than the British Number One bodybuilder and qualified nurse, Eddie Abbew.

Eddie Abbew’s Olympian gym is considered an old school bodybuilding gym in the current market. Old school, because we believe in the old methods that have worked for decades.

We pride ourselves in prepping hundreds of male and female athletes across the industry, across federations and internationally.

Reading the above, one would obviously think Olympian Gym is full of Meaty bodybuilders. On the contrary. 

Our Gym mainly specializes in helping people lose weight, diets and nutrition, general fitness and lifestyle changes. Thus leading to an overall improved general well being.

Furthermore with a background in the medical profession (Psychiatric Nurse) Eddie is also able to help members suffering from various forms of mental illness including, Depression, Anxiety and Panic attacks.

Training also serves as a defense mechanism for some mental health sufferers. The gym has a kind, friendly, calm and welcoming atmosphere which contributes to general well-being.

However, one of our Olympian Gym members was quoted as saying, “this is like my second home, this is the only place my anxiety doesn’t play up. All the staff are so friendly and I’m so glad to have found you guys”.

Olympian Gym Eddie Abbew

We have had many successful transformation stories that have been published on social media, I.e. Facebook and Instagram

Under the banner of Team Savage we have created many champions both national and international.

Meet Our Receptionist


The longest serving member of Olympian Gym..

Sharon helps Eddie manage the gym on a daily basis.

Not to mention that in addition, Sharon also offers in house baby sitting for children, dogs, and any other items of personal value…

Olympian Gym Sharon Willmore

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